If you’re reading this, you love boiled crawfish. We do too, and that love comes from a childhood spent in Cut-Off, a small town located in Southern Louisiana. Other eateries get their crawfish from a farm, and while the pricing is lower, the quality often is as well. At Padna’s Cajun Eatery, we get our crawfish from a processing facility, where fishermen drop off their daily catch at the sorting area. First, the catch is sorted by size in a stainless steel machine, and the smallest are removed and packaged. From there they are hand sorted and divided into three grades of quality. Generally speaking, the biggest are the best tasting and meatiest. Our selection only contains fresh, live, and high-quality specimens.

After the sorting, the crawfish have a quick bath to remove all the mud, then they’re packaged in mesh sacks that are color-coded based on their quality. Our supplier is less than 200 miles away, so when they arrive right where you’re sitting, they can guarantee the crawfish are alive and ready to make the journey to your plate.

Other places secretly mix dead crawfish in with live ones, but not at Padna’s. We have to pay a little more for live shipments, but it’s worth it to guarantee freshness. Why are we telling you all this? Because you have the right to know that your crawfish is live, properly sorted, and of the highest possible quality. At Padna’s, that’s how we do it. Learn more about our crawfish selection process below! Contact us with any questions you may have!